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Provides primary healthcare by connecting its users to a network of 6,000 centres across 1200 cities. It focuses on making quality healthcare easily accessible and affordable for the Indian population.

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Your Health Care & Hospital Care.

  • Made Easy a€“ Join ColorCode Health+. Receive benefits & discounts. ` Indiaa€?s largest Primary Healthcare aggregator - Consumerising HealthCover. Partner in your journey
  • HealthCare close to you. a€“ Wherever you are. Book top-quality care within 10 km of your location - in minutes! Our in-network partners include
  • Our Health Plan Covers a€“ The health insurer usually provides either direct payment to hospital (cashless facility) or reimburses the expenses associated with illnesses and injuries or disburses a fixed benefit on occurrence of an illness.

Founder Talks

Our journey over the last decade has had one goal: to make it easier for people to stay healthy. We have approached this in three ways: simplify access to Primary Care, make the complex healthcare ecosystem easier to navigate, and make care needed more affordable.

ColorCode Health+ is a unique organisation at the convergence of HealthTech and FinTech.With a strong team, we look forward to evolving the industry and the experience of every individual user every day.

  • Srishti Tiwari , Founder







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We are ColorCode Health+

Health is a very complex subject, and the human body is a complex machine. At ColorCode Health+, our goal is to get rid of the mistrust, stress, and difficulty people have when it comes to taking care of themselves and their loved onesa€? health needs.


The ColorCode Health+ Network
Between doctors, diagnostics, general health, pharmacy, care, and wellness, healthcare is a huge ecosystem that is difficult to manage. Over the past decade, we have built a network within this ecosystem made up of only trusted partners. Through it, we have been able to bring quality healthcare at more affordable prices to over 1 lakh people.

Our Values

The ColorCode Health+ values have held strong over the years. Keeping them at the core of every decision, we have been able to make ourselves and our network stronger and more robust, so that we can bring our collective best to you, every step of the way.


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Our Partners

HealthCare close to you. Wherever you are. Book top-quality care within 10 km of your location - in minutes! Our in-network partners include India's leading providers.s

Who started it?

By 2020, Srishti and Ankit had spent enough time in the health industry and Online Delivery Service (Service Provider) and deeply understood its modus operandi. Both of them sensed that there are huge opportunities waiting to be tapped when it came to customer-centric approach to healthcare financing and Service Provider. As the world around us evolved rapidly, it became more and more relevant to harness the power of technology for affordable and accessible solutions. two years of brainstorming followed.! & The ColorCode Company was born.

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