Become Agent

What is a POSP?

A POSP (Point of Salesperson) is the name given to an insurance agent who can sell specific insurance products. For becoming a POSP, you only need to have the minimum educational qualifications as given by the IRDAI and undergo training provided by us. To learn more about how to be a POSP and the benefits of the same, read on.

What can you sell as a POSP?

With Colorcode Health+ Insurance, you can sell Health Insurance.

What are the advantages of being a POSP?

• Become your own boss - Work as per your convenience. You are your own boss!
• No fixed timings - You can choose your own working hours and decide whether to work full-time or part-time.
• Work from home - Use online processes to sell policies and work from home or even anywhere else!
• Only 15 hours of training - With just 15-hours of training, you can be an insurance expert. We’ll help you learn everything you need to know!
• Earn high income - Your income depends on the number of policies you issue.
• Zero investment required - No need to pay anything when you join. All you need is a smartphone/computer, and an internet connection!

Who can become a POSP?

a. College Students If you’re pursuing your higher studies but would still want to spend some time making extra money, this could be a good option for you.
b. Stay at home spouses & homemakers If you’re a stay at home husband or wife, and have time, you can choose to become a POSP, and earn extra income for you and your family .
c. Retirees Even after retirement, you can become an insurance agent. Spend as much time as you like, working in the comfort of your home, and at any time you like.
d. Businessmen/Businesswomen If you’re already have a business but still want to do more things on the side, you can choose to become a POSP. Work just as much as you want, and still earn extra.

How to become a POSP with Colorcode Health+?

Step 1
Sign up by filling our POSP form given above, and our team will get back to you with more details. 😊
Step 2
Complete your 15-hour training with us.
Step 3
Complete the prescribed examination.
Step 4
Sign the agreement with us and that’s it! You’ll be a certified POSP.